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EUDAQ Documentation


EUDAQ is a simple and easy to use data acquisition framework, written in C++. It was designed to be used for the EUDET JRA1 beam telescope (see

The overall structure has some resemblance to the XDAQ framework (hence the name EUDAQ) but it is greatly simplified, and relies on as few external libraries as possible.


EUDAQ is designed to be portable, working out of the box Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows.


It is written mainly in Standard C++, and can be compiled using gcc, Clang, or MSVC.


Some posix extensions are used where necessary for threading (pthreads) and sockets (Berkely Sockets API).


Qt is used as portable graphics library for the GUI. All the applications also have a text-only interface so they may be run without the GUI if necessary.


Step 1: Get the code

The latest version of the EUDAQ code is available as git repository hosted by GitHub at

git clone eudaq

Step 2: Build it

Go to the directory containing eudaq, enter the build directory and type 'cmake ..' and 'make install'. This will build the library and place it in the ./lib folder. For more detailed instructions see the inside this repository or the manual provided through LaTeX sources.